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Is distribution of the maxdb-doc package a GPL violation?


I've been asked by the debian release team to look into this bug and see what
can be done to have a successful resolution... The situation seems to be this

1) maxdb-doc is a package which contains some GPL licensed html manual files
2) the GPL asks for the source code (defined as: "preferred form of the work for
making modifications to it") to be available
3) the html files are determined to be automatically generated by a tool called
"SAP Html Export", and the files which originate them are not available

This seems to be a problem only because the GPL is used... Would the files be
under a less restrictive licence we would be perfectly OK distributing them as
is... I'm addressing this mail to the debian-legal list too for a consultation
about whether they think this package is distributable at all or not as is, and
what would they recommend...

Regards, and thanks!


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