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Re: Proposed plan (and license) for the webpage relicensing

Javier =?iso-8859-1?Q?Fern=E1ndez-Sanguino_Pe=F1a?= <jfs@computer.org>
> a) a proper license should be decided for the website.
>    I suggest using a BSD-style license. The attached license is such a
>    license.

I suggest using a BSD-style licence as default, but the attached one
is not one. Do we have other stuff under FBSD-doc terms?

> b) old contributors to the web site (i.e. all that have had CVS access to the
>    WWW CVS are for the past 10 years) should be contacted and ask to
>    agree to this license change.

I will help with this, if you wish.  I think I know how to get
today's contributors (webwml group) and any since the current
CVS started (cvs history and logs) but how to get 'em all?

> c) a note should be added to the Debian site (as a News item?) describing the
>    license change (and the reasons for the change) and giving a 6 month
>    period for comments.

I suggest shortening this period.

> d) new contributors during that period should be asked to agree to the
>    license change and to transfer (c) to SPI (GPG/PGP signed e-mail would be
>    a requisite for contributing, a paper trail would be even best)

Just seek a licence, rather than assignment.

> e) from here on access to the CVS of the website should be given after
>    clearly stating (and getting and agreement) that any and all contributions
>    to the CVS, unless specified otherwise with clear (c) statements in the
>    code, will be (c) SPI and will be considered "work under contract"

I don't understand why you think a contract is formed, as
the contributor is not getting anything in exchange for their
work. However, it seems a good idea for SPI to assert a copyright
interest in the work.

cc: -legal and -www only

Hope that helps,
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