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Workshop: IPR implications for Free/Libre and Open Source Software


IPR '06 Workshop on Intellectual Property protection for software and its implications for Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)

June 10, 2006

Como, Italy



Intellectual property (IP) protection for software has relied traditionally on copyright and trade secrecy methods, which cover specific implementations or programs rather than the underlying inventions.

In recent years, a greater concern for the IP protection of software has raised questions about the appropriateness and sufficiency of these methods, and has led to considering other possibilities, such as patents. As a matter of fact, the European Commission launched a proposal of Directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions that was opposed by the FLOSS community due to its implications for free and open source developments, and later rejected by the European Parliament.

This workshop, hosted by the 2^nd International Conference on Open Source Systems (http://oss2006.dti.unimi.it/), aims at revising the existing IP protection mechanisms for software, including patents, and focuses on extracting main implications for FLOSS.

Some of the proposed issues to be discussed comprise the compatibility between FLOSS and different scenarios of patentability for computer-implemented inventions, the existing conflicts between FLOSS and patents and, finally, possible adaptations of FLOSS licenses to new IP protection methods (e.g. GPL v3).

Eventually, the debate will search for consensus about the ideal IP protection for software and, particularly, for FLOSS, from social, economic and technical perspectives, and it will propose measures to foster FLOSS innovation in the European Union.


In order to register, please fill in the registration form (DOC format <http://www.gtic.ssr.upm.es/ipr06/Docs/WorkshopForm_IPR06.doc>, 40 KB), (PDF format <http://www.gtic.ssr.upm.es/ipr06/Docs/WorkshopForm_IPR06.pdf>, 27 KB), (Open Document <http://www.gtic.ssr.upm.es/ipr06/Docs/WorkshopForm_IPR06.odt>, 17KB) and contact the OSS 2006 <http://oss2006.dti.unimi.it/> organization.


Intellectual Property Rights are playing an increasingly important role in software-related industries (telecoms, consumer electronics, etc.) and there is a tendency towards the patentability of computer-implemented inventions, which might influence the way software is produced, distributed and used.

In this context, Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is especially vulnerable to new forms of protection for software, since FLOSS licenses rely almost exclusively on copyright-centered mechanisms. Researchers, developers, distributors and users (whether they are individuals or firms) are likely to be affected by these new trends, and are therefore encouraged to submit papers or presentations dealing with these issues in order to discuss them in the IPR '06 Workshop.

Papers and presentations should be submitted in English before May 1st (abstracts up to 500 words) to be reviewed by the program committee. Accepted papers and presentations are due no later than May 15th 2006.

Please send your abstracts, papers and presentations (in PDF format) to:

Alvaro Martin (amartin [a t] gtic [d o t] ssr [d o t] upm [d o t] es)

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