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RE: clarification of doc licensing for db3/db4.2

Dann wrote:

> Thank you for your offer.  I think a relicensing would be the cleanest
> approach.
> Note that I am a Debian Developer, but I do not speak for the db
> packaging, release, or legal teams.  I hope that they'll jump in if
> they are in disagreement with any of the statements I've made here.

This is going to be some work for me.  Oracle's legal department has been
very helpful on our open source requests so far, but it's a large team and
is not familiar with this issue yet.  I'll need to find, then brief, then
extract approval from, the right people here.

Before I do that, can I get some kind of authoritative statement from
Debian that the effort is necessary, and that it will satisfy the concerns
that have raised this issue for the second time?  I want to be helpful,
but I want to be sure we are solving the problem here.  To that end,
direction from db, release or legal -- whoever can speak for Debian --
would be good.

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