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cube-data package

Hello list,

We (Debian's pkg-game team), are interested to package a video game called 
Cube (http://cube.sf.net).

The game is provided in a tarball[1] that provided a precompiled binary and 
data game materials (textures, sounds, etc).
Another package[2] exists with source code of the client under ZLIB.
A clarified copyright file exists here:

The game tarball is provided under this license:
 Cube is freeware, you may use Cube for any purpose as long as you don't
 blame me for any damages incurred, and you may freely distribute the cube
 archive unmodified on any media. If you wish to use the cube source code
 in any way (available from where you got this), even just a mere build,
 read the readme.txt file carefully (ZLIB license).

Since we don't change contain of the materials. Do you think that we can split 
the game tarball in two packages:
cube-client-non-free (non-free)
cube-data (non-free)

Thank you,


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