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Re: Question about upstream duty as regards with OpenSSL

On 10597 March 1977, MJ Ray wrote:

> Thanks for sharing that. It seems quite useful. Are the templates
> stored anywhere public?


> Can you link from that to http://www.debian.org/legal/ please?  I'll
> put a link back when I remember how.

Most rejections are free form text (for the debian/copyright problems
there are always different filenames, different licenses, etc, for
example). The rest are .txt files. Iam to lazy to wrap them in html

Oh well, ok, look at http://ftp-master.debian.org/~joerg/templates/
now. Three are there now, ssl, php and cdbs. If you find mistakes,
spelling or otherwise - please send patches.

bye Joerg
Some NM:
Debian is mostly about free keysigning^Wspeech.

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