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Re: x264 for Debian

Are there objections to including the new H.264 encoder in Debian?
For details, see bug 354667 (request for packaging).

Debian maintainer Christian Marillat currently maintains an unofficial
package, and we would like your advice on whether this GPL'd codec meets
the DFSG.

Christian Marillat wrote:

>David Liontooth <liontooth@cogweb.net> writes:
>>Would you consider packaging x264 for Debian?  My experience with your
>>unofficial packages has been excellent on both x86 and amd64. Even
>>though the library is still labeled "in early development", it appears
>>to be mature enough to be clearly useful. I have for instance used
>>ffmpeg in conjunction with your unofficial x264-bin to encode video for
>>streaming with VLC and obtained impressive results.
>>Since the code is GPL there should be no legal obstacles.
>The source code in GPL but I don't know if the codec meet the DFSG.
David Liontooth

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