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Re: Affero General Public License

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:14:55 +0100, Benj. Mako Hill <mako@debian.org> wrote:

Under this logic, copyleft is also a use restriction. It bars
proprietary use of free software.

Being proprietary is not an attribute of the use. It is a description
of the exclusion of other uses than the mentioned. Nothing distinguishes
the "proprietary usage" from the "non-prorietary usage" when looking
at the actyual useage only.

Your ability to *use* is not restricted by copyleft.
Your ability to prevent others from using your modification is.
So "proprietary use" is not a type of usage, and its restriction is
not a use restriction.

Lasse R. Nielsen - atwork@infimum.dk
 'Faith without judgement merely degrades the spirit divine'

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