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Re: Affero General Public License

Glenn Maynard wrote:
> A real example (from my own field) where this would cause serious practical
> problems is arcade machines.  It's clearly "public performance", and players
> in arcades really are using (and interacting with) the software directly.
> We include sources to GPL stuff on the machine's drive itself (though
> nobody cares, since none of it is modified except for the kernel, and that
> particular code is available on our webpage too).  That's for the arcade
> operator (the owner of the machine).  I have no idea how one might satisfy
> a requirement that the *users* be given GPL-like access to the source.

Would it be an excessive requirement to provide an offer for source (at
up to 10 times your cost of providing source)?  The offer could easily
be stuck in the fine print next to the copyright notices.

- Josh Triplett

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