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KDE application relicensing

Hi Debian legal people,

I maintan a KDE application, so I have the pleasure of dealing with some
GFDL data. Fortunately, the upstream author decided to relicense his work
under a dual GFDL/BSDDL license, so it can be included in Debian. However,
he is not certain about the wording, so I come here to ask your opinion on
the subject.

According to his mail,

the documentation will include the GFDL notice, followed by:

The author of this documentation has also granted you permission to use
the  content under the terms of the FreeBSD Documentation License (BSDDL),
if  you so choose. If you wish to allow use of your version of this
content  only under the terms of the BSDDL, and not to allow others to use
your  version of this file under the terms of the GFDL, indicate your
decision by  deleting the GFDL notice and and replacing it with the notice
and other  provisions required by the GPL. If you do not delete the GFDL
notice above,  a recipient may use your version of this file under the
terms of either the  GFDL or the BSDDL.

The text of the BSD doc license is included as a link. Will that be 
sufficient for Debian? Or do you have other wording to suggest?

Yes, I know there is a "GPL" in the middle, I already suggested to replace
it by "BSDDL".

Any other thing that would need to be modified ?

I'm not subscribed to the list, so please CC me.

"While a monkey can be a manager, it takes a human to be an engineer" Erik

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