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Re: Moglen's "all good faith"

On 1/29/06, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
> fw@deneb.enyo.de wrote:
> >Development of proprietary kernel modules is tolerated, see
> >EXPORT_SYMBOL vs. EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL.  AFAICS, this special exception
> >to the GPL has never been formalized, but at least overe here the mere
> While proprietary kernel modules are tolerated, there is no special
> exception to the GPL, EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL is just a technological measure
> used to make GPL violations more evident and subject to the DMCA.

What violations? And what does DMCA has to do with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL
and "tainting" idiocy which has the only purpose to impede
interoperability with non-GPL'd code?

Anyone can patch the kernel to get rid of that silliness completely or
reexport what's required in a non-GPL<->GPL support module.

That's not to mention straight "GPL\0sucks" workaround.

The GNUtians among kernel developers simply never heard of Sega v
Accolade. "Genesis III searches the game program for four bytes of
data consisting of the letters "S-E-G-A" (the "TMSS initialization


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