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Moglen's "all good faith"

Hey legals, enjoy Moglen speaking on one-way street, linking, etc.



One specific area where the linking question arises is in the Linux kernel,
where proprietary video drivers loaded are loaded as modules. Another one
might be the use of a network driver that relies on proprietary firmware that
is loaded from an operating system. (Such firmware, sometimes called
"blobs," are strings of hexadecimal digits loaded from the operating
system kernel into the hardware device to enable it to run.)

Moglen: In all good faith, I can't tell you. If the kernel were pure GPL in
its license terms, the answer...would be: You couldn't link proprietary
video drivers into it whether dynamically or statically, and you couldn't
link drivers which were proprietary in their license terms.

I just wonder under what "impure" GPL license terms do you think Moglen
thinks the Linux kernel is developed currently (note that the context is
kernel drivers which has nothing to do with Linus' not-really-an-exception
for user space).

Any thoughts?



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