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Re: License terms for latex-mk

* Lionel Elie Mamane <lionel@mamane.lu> [2006-01-28 19:44]:

> Seems to be the standard BSD 4-clause license. Clause 4 is completely
> fine, clause 3 is annoying and imposes a burden on redistribution but
> generally considered free, AFAIK. I wasn't around before June 1999,
> but I expect Debian distributed material under this license back
> then. We discourage it, but it is border-line OK.

Thanks for your prompt reply.  It is no wonder this license is BSD-like,
since the author has @netbsd.org in his email address.  BTW, LaTeX-MK has
already been packaged for freebsd and netbsd.  Let us hope the upstream
author will be Debian-friendly...


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