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Re: Bug#348728: ITP: php-net-imap -- PHP PEAR module implementing IMAP protocol

> > >    2. http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2006/01/msg00066.html
> <snip>
> the project decision is clear IMHO : read the php license, you'll see it 
> can only apply to the main and official PHP distribution.

Please read the message to debian-legal that I originally referenced. It
outlines recent changes to the PHP License which make it equally fit for
PHP itself and for PHP Group software. While there are some lingering
questions on debian-legal as to the freeness of the PHP License for
anything (including PHP), it seems clear that the new license can be
equally applied to PHP Group software as to PHP itself. Inasmuch as
Debian currently accepts the PHP License for PHP, I am requesting that
per the recent changes it also be accepted for PHP Group software (or
outright rejected for everything).


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