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Re: GPL v3 Draft

> > d) They may require that the work contain functioning facilities that
> > allow users to immediately obtain copies of its Complete Corresponding
> > Source Code.
> ***
> Although this may be a Free requirement -- and I believe it should be
> considered Free -- it poses *major* practical problems for Debian.  For
> Debian, I see only one real way of satisfying this: packaging a copy of the
> entire source package into the .deb.  Yuck.  Anything else requires the user
> to have Internet access or a local archive copy, which we can't guarantee.
> I think we would need the copyright holders of any software with this
> requirement to grant a specified exemption to it for Debian, before we could
> allow such a program into Debian.
> This is sufficiently burdensome that I have to wonder whether they really
> meant to allow it, or whether it's a misdrafting.

My problem with this section - the clause does not allow for network
conditions and does not allow for devices without a network connection
or other immediate access. This could pose a *huge* problem if this
were used for, let's say, a program for a Palm III or something that
does not have any of the network components available anymore. It does
pose problems for Debian too.


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