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Re: Packaging YICS

On 1/9/06, Chris Howie <cdhowie@nerdshack.com> wrote:
> Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> > I think that you could package the software, but it wouldn't be very
> > useful as anyone who uses it is violating the TOS. But if you can
> > create a server package for it, it would have a legitimate use as a
> > client for a server that just happens to use the same protocols as
> > Yahoo does.
> But couldn't you consider a TCP port to be an interface to their service?

Not an interface that Yahoo provides. More an interface that Yahoo
uses internally.

> > There may be loopholes in the TOS, but I wouldn't take too many
> > chances, especially not with Yahoo.
> Again, this project has been alive and running for two years, and Yahoo!
> definately knows about it.  I've seen other people do nasty things with them
> and have their accounts swiftly deleted, so it has to say something that
> they've left me along for so long.

And that doesn't say anything about the future. The project *may* be
threatened later, which is why people ask us on this list *before*
they get threatened.


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