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Re: Packaging YICS

Andrew Donnellan wrote:
> I think that you could package the software, but it wouldn't be very
> useful as anyone who uses it is violating the TOS. But if you can
> create a server package for it, it would have a legitimate use as a
> client for a server that just happens to use the same protocols as
> Yahoo does.

But couldn't you consider a TCP port to be an interface to their service?

> There may be loopholes in the TOS, but I wouldn't take too many
> chances, especially not with Yahoo.

Again, this project has been alive and running for two years, and Yahoo!
definately knows about it.  I've seen other people do nasty things with them
and have their accounts swiftly deleted, so it has to say something that
they've left me along for so long.

Chris Howie

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