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Re: the FSF's GPLv3 launch conference

Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> The gang should better stop misstating the copyright act, to begin with.
> But actually it doesn't really matter given that Wallace is going to put
> the entire GPL'd code base into quasi public domain pretty soon anyway
> (antitrust violation -> copyright misuse -> quasi public domain/copyright
> impotence). http://www.ip-wars.net/public_docs/wallace_v_fsf_36.pdf

I would like to take a moment to predict that this event will not transpire.

Though this brief is rather funny to read. For example, (re-typing due
to it being a damned image), page 8 reads in part:

"If we exam [sic] case (i) 'pricing below the level necessary to sell
their products' the obvious result of the GPL is the destruction of
interbrand competition, since no rival competitor can remain viable by
vending his product (intellectual property) at a total loss. New
developers and competitors cannot enter a market for which there is no
incentive or reward."

The obvious conclusion one would draw from this is that there are no
competitors to Linux or, at least, that all the existing ones are
quickly being killed off. However, a quick examination of reality shows
this not to be the case.

Every mention of a "uncharged co-conspirator" is hillarious as well. I
assume that, say, IBM's attourneys would pound him into the ground and
then force him to pay for the hammer. [Like they will no doubt do in his
other case]

His claim of rending part of the constitution meaningless (end of p9,
very beginning of p10) is pretty good, too.

Lastly, don't you think that that were there ANY validity to these
points that a large, well-known operating systems vendor located in
Washington state would be pursuing them, with its far larger legal budget?

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