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Re: Is libreludedb DFSG compliant?

Mickael Profeta <mike@alezan.org> 
> Just got the answer of upstream:
> ----
> The LICENSE.README file highlight the fact that is is not legal to link
> a non GPL work (meaning proprietary work) to libpreludedb. LibpreludeDB
> itself is GPL. But proprietary program can't link against libpreludeDB
> unless they get a commercial license.
> I think the LICENSE.README file could be modified to add the missing bit
> about the "GPL compatible" license. Would that be acceptable ?
> ---- 
> Would such a modification be enough, or should it be more deeply modified?

I think such a modification would be enough, but I am slightly worried
that they call all non-GPL works proprietary: what about LGPL- and
BSD-style-licensed works which Joerg said you are linking against?
Do you have any "GPL-incompatible" parts?

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