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Re: Trolltech GPL violation?

<halbtaxabo-debml@yahoo.com> writes:

> Trolltech releases the "Open Source Edition" of Qt
> under the GPL. The complete package downloadable from
> their website includes the libraries, tools like
> qtdesigner, and documentation in .html format. Source
> code for the libraries and tools is provided.
> However, no source code is provided for the .html
> documentation files.

The "source code" for the documentation is embedded as comments in the
program source code, in a doxygen-like way.

Trolltech has not, to my knowledge, released the tool they use to
generate the HTML from the comments.  I think their plan for Qt4 was to
convert to using doxygen since that's a more robust tool than their
internal stuff anyway.  I'm not sure if that ever happened though.

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