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Re: Bug#344707: ITP: ispell-et -- Estonian dictionaries for ispell, aspell, myspell

Justin Pryzby wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 01:05:44PM +1100, An?bal Monsalve Salazar wrote:
>>On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 01:50:32AM +0200, Martin-?ric Racine wrote:
>>>Package: wnpp
>>>Severity: wishlist
>>>Owner: "Martin-??ric Racine" <q-funk@iki.fi>
>>>Package name : ispell-et
>>>Version      : 20030606
>>>URL          : http://www.meso.ee/~jjpp/speller/
>>>aspell-et  - Estonian dictionary for aspell
>>>iestonian  - Estonian dictionary for ispell
>>>myspell-et - Estonian dictionary for myspell
>>>openoffice.org-hyphenation-et - Estonian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.org
>>>The ispell affix and wordlists, as well as the OOo hyphenation were found as 
>>>standalone files at the above URL, along with explanations in Estonian about 
>>>the origin of all files. Everything else is generated by my own debian/rules.
>>>The above version is timestamp of the last update produced by Jaak Pruulmann. 
>>>I already have packages ready to upload. I however need to verify whether the 
>>>software license of the Institute of the Estonian Language is considered free
>>>according to Debian policies, before I proceed with the upload.
>>>2003-2005, Jaak Pruulmann <jjpp@meso.ee> (updated wordlist)
>>>1996-1999, Institute of the Estonian Language <tarkvara@eki.ee> (original wordlist)
>>>1993, Enn Saar <saar@aai.ee> (TeX hyphenation, converted for OpenOffice by Jaak)
>>>  The present Licence Agreement gives the user of this Software Product
>>>  (hereinafter: Product) the right to use the Product for whatever purpose
>>>  (incl. distribution, copying, altering, inclusion in other software,
>>>  and selling) on the following conditions:
>>>  1. The present Licence Agreement should belong unaltered to each copy
>>>     ever made of this Product;
>>>  2. Neither the Institute of the Estonian Language (hereinafter: IEL)
>>>     nor the author(s) of the Product will take responsibility for any
>>>     detriment, direct or indirect, possibly ensuing from the application
>>>     of the Product;
>>>  3. The IEL is ready to share the Product with other users as we wish
>>>     to advance research on the Estonian language and to promote the use
>>>     of Estonian in IT-technology now rapidly developing, yet we refuse
>>>     to bind ourselves to any further obligation, which means that the
>>>     IEL is not obliged either to warrant the suitability of the Product
>>>     for a concrete use, to improve the program, or to provide a more
>>>     detailed description of the underlying algorithms.
>>>     (Which does not mean, though, that we may not do it.)
>>>  4. Whenever you use the Product, we request that you inform us by writing
>>>     to the e-mail address tarkvara@eki.ee or to street address listed below.
>>Non-free clause. Every time you use it, you will have to send an
>>email or a letter to them.
> Really?  Isn't 'request' the phrase often recommended on -legal for
> such things?  (though I understand that the license isn't the right
> place).

Yes.  As phrased, it sounds like a non-binding request to notify them,
not a demand.

- Josh Triplett

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