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Re: contrib or main?

"Josselin Mouette" <joss@debian.org> wrote in message [🔎] 1133967083.3366.19.camel@silicium.ccc.cea.fr">news:[🔎] 1133967083.3366.19.camel@silicium.ccc.cea.fr...

Shouldn't packages that require something outside the archive, be it
free or not, be in contrib?

No. An emulator does not require a game. It is just not particularly useful without one.

Are you saying that a unarchiving utility, which uses a format that is not supported by any currently packaged archivers, should be in contrib if no archives of that type exist in main?

How about saying a virtual machine must be in contrib, if no programs to run under it are packaged.

How about a veiwer for an exotic type of image, which none of the currently packaged tools can create, and no pictures of this type are included in the archive.

All are really the same, so they should all be 'yes', or all be 'no'.

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