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Re: contrib or main?

Le mardi 06 décembre 2005 à 18:55 +0000, Andrew Suffield a écrit :
> main, definitely. There is a thriving community of developers of free
> gameboy games intended to run on these emulators. Don't ask me why, it
> makes no sense as far as I can see, but they're out there. One example
> is here:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengbgames
> So you don't need non-free rom images. I presume the difference is
> that one maintainer knew this and the other didn't.
> (Please resist the urge to package them just to prove a point, we
> already have enough stuff in the archive with no point at all; their
> mere existence is sufficient)

Shouldn't packages that require something outside the archive, be it
free or not, be in contrib?
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