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Re: Re: TiffIO license agreement

Sorry if this falls out of thread. My subscription to d-l hasn't come through
for some reason, so I'm copying from the ML archive.

>     * To: debian-legal@lists.debian.org
>     * Subject: Re: TiffIO license agreement
>     * From: MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop>
>     * Date: Thu 01 Dec 2005 09:17:17 +0000
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> Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex@tagancha.org>
> > TiffIO is covered by a non-standard license full text of which is
> > listed below. My analysis of the license has shown that I can easily bundle=
> > it
> > with lprof as by the clause 5.3.4. COMPATIBILITY WITH THE GPL LICENSE it wi=
> > ll
> > be covered by GPL in that case. However, if I want to package it separately=
> > as
> > a standalone library it seems to be non DFSG-free due to the choice of venue
> [...]
> Argh, it's CeCILL, a French sub-GPL. I think it's been discussed here before,
> but I didn't find any conclusion to it yet. I don't think 4.2 is unclear but
> I'm uncomfortable with 13. The GPL upgrade is a nice way to avoid the
> questions and uncertainty: license your debian/ directory under the GPL,
> which I think enables the upgrade.
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> MJR/slef
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Thank you MJ. I really like the GPL-ed "debian/" directory exit path, so I
intend to take it.

Also thanks to Joe Smith for his comments!



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