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Re: Review needed: Gentium font re-released under the SIL Open Font License

To make it short, as Matthew wrote:

"You think wrong. DFSG 1 does not require any piece of software to allow
commercial sale as an independent component."

is true, I agree.

My problem of understanding is/was: a work that is licensed under OSF
1.0 is not free as an individual component because I am not allowed to
redistribute it commercially as it is/unmodified (I have to add at least
another component to be allowed to do so).

Intuitively, I've said that Debian can ship such 'partially'/'not
truly'-free works. Oviously, I was wrong and nevertheless, Debian does
denote such works as free. This was and is not ment as an offence, it's
just my personal understanding of free software.


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