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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

Charles Fry
> The one big thing that everyone in this thread has missed is that we are
> trying to establish the utility of this licence to software explicitely
> distributed by the PHP Group at php.net in Pear or Pecl.

Distributing it doesn't mean much. They don't hold the copyright to
all the packages under this licence. It would be a *big* help to
either make the licence generic or clearly invalid for other users.

If used for software where the copyright is held by the PHP Group,
clause 4 still contradicts itself, but no other problems remain IMO.

This licence is used for other software and PHP Group can fix it,
instead of people claiming that we're only interested in PHP Group.
Why won't PHP Group be good neighbours and stop wasting everyone's
time with their vanity licence?

I'm glad to see that PEAR will advise against using the licence.

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