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A Free GFDL?


I would like to hear your advice about a pseudo-licence I wrote myself.

Its text is located at http://fr.ekopedia.org/Nouvelle_licence .

Basically, it's only the GFDL with additionnal rights (the text explicitly
says "the ''Ekopedia Free License'' is only a shortcut to design the GFDL with
some particular additionnal rights".)

I-ve tried to address the usual concerns about the GFDL, found at
http://people.debian.org/~srivasta/Position_Statement.html .

Article 1 contains definitions, article 2 an introduction.

Article 3 allows changing the section of any element, 
article 4 allows to remove any section, 
article 5 adds that the licencee may also distribute the document in its 
prefered form for modification, 
article 6 adds that the licencee may do what he wants with the document 
as long as he doesn't distribute it,
article 7 adds that he may use any measure he wants to prevent the document from
being read by anyone he doesn't want to distribute the document to, 
article 8 modifies the time to keep the transparent version available from 1 year 
to 1 day (only for distribution of more that 100 copies), 
article 9 adds the right to include any part of the document in any document 
distributed under the GPL, and to redistribute the whole under the GPL, 
article 10 adds that, if the user uses the right of article 9, he may also 
add that the whole work may also, as a special exception to the GPL, be re-licensed 
under the first licence (but only if the licencee has the right to do so with the rest 
of the document, of course), 
article 11 adds that, if the user uses the right of article 9, he may also add 
that licencee may consider the prefered form for modifications as the source code 
of the document as stated by the GPL, 
article 12 adds the right to include any part of the document under the CeCILL, but
only if the user is able to full the requirements of this licence, 
article 13 adds the right to use updated versions of this document instead of this one.

Additionnaly : 
Article 14 sets the licence text under the licence it describes, 
Article 15 tells that the additionnal rights are set undre french law 
(choice of law, not of venue),
Article 16 protects eventual issues in the licence to make all its content become

So, here are my questions : 
1) Is it legal?
2) Is it free?
3) Do you find some concerns into it?

Thank you,


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