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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

	If the new 3.01 version of the PHP License meets all the issues that
-legal has problems with accepting as DFSG approved then it would work
for me and probably far easier to get accepted by PHP PEAR module
authors than changing the license completely.


Pierre wrote:
> Hello,
> Rasmus just commited the PHP License 3.01
> http://cvs.php.net/co.php/php-src/LICENSE?r=1.24
> I think the problems are solved in this new version.
> Please review it and let us know that everything is fine. It was a pain
> to get that changed but it is done.
> Here is a diff from the previous version:
> http://cvs.php.net/diff.php/php-src/LICENSE?r1=1.23&r2=1.24&ty=u
> So we only have to ask people to update the headers of their sources to
> use 3.01.
> Regards,
> --Pierre

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