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Re: Clarification regarding PHP License and DFSG status

> It affects many packages. See also
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/09/msg00491.html
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2005/08/msg00238.html
> and maybe coordinate fix efforts with Charles Fry.

This is the third time that this issue has made it into Debian Weekly
News (which is the only way that I find out about it). Amazingly it is
never found in the list archives, but keeps arising again. Alas.

As for a status update on this issue, Joerg Jaspert has filed RC bugs
against all Debian Pear packages that use the PHP License. I, in turn,
have contacted all of the upstream maintainers explaining the situation
and requesting that they relicense their packages. Those who respond
express a willingness to do so.

Anyone facing this issue anew is welcome to hijack the text of such a
message to an upstream maintainer, as can be found for example in bug

I should also point out that in bug #332607, Pierre Joye from the Pear
Group said:

    "> For example, the Pear group could remove the PHP License from
    > their list of acceptable licenses, and encourage all packages
    > released under the PHP License to migrate to the practically
    > equivilant BSD License.

    "I will bring that to the group before the end of the year (I am in
    this group...). However the idea is to ask people to change the
    license, on a voluntary basis.

    "Once a waste majority of packages have been fixed, then we can
    enforce this change and remove the PHP License. If the php group
    will come with an acceptable licence, we will then obviously keep
    it, but I doubt they will."

At this point it is good to contact upstream maintainers, but we should
channel any queries about the Pear Group through Pierre, who is more
than willing to work with us on this issue, as indicated above.


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