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Re: Ubuntu CDs contain no sources

Am 2005-11-08 17:48:03, schrieb cascardo@minaslivre.org:

> I agree that offering access as tar.gz should be considered
> reasonable. And I would say it is pretty more acceptable than offering
> access through a SCM web browser. I would like to interpret GPL as in
> spirit and that would mean easy access to the sources, in my
> opinion. I just wouldn't agree that a mirror of Debian would not
> distribute sources of software that requires that, without making an
> offer to distribute the sources for at least three years.

This is not right, because I know a couple of mirrors which have
only binary-i386 and disks-i386 because limited disk space.

because it IS a partial mirror and the Debian binaries are equivalent
worldwide, it can easy downloaded from other official Debian-Mirrors.

> Pointing to Debian main repository should not be enough. Imagine

I think, this is not right.

> Debian servers get down for any reason in the only day one could get

Hmmm, several 1000' Servers going down the same time
and ONLY your server with binarys stay On-Line?

> the binaries and sources.

Please consider consulting your PSY.


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