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Re: Ubuntu CDs contain no sources

Am Dienstag, den 08.11.2005, 10:37 -0200 schrieb
> Hello,
> I have asked some CDs from Ubuntu and they have sent me their
> Debian-based distro for free (as in free beer). However, they contain
> GPL-licensed software, including dpkg, but not their sources. I also
> couldn't find any written offer for them in my mail package. Should I
> consider this an implicit offer valid for three years after receiving
> the package? Should I be able to ask them for the sources two years
> from now, considering I asked for the package in the last six months?
> Or should I consider this a GPL violation? Then, I hope dpkg copyright
> holders inforce their copyright.

On http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/shipit/ you can

Can You Send me Source CDs?
We do not normally distribute source CDs and you cannot order them through
shipit. That said, in order to comply with the GPL, we are happy to distribute
source code on CD to anybody we give a binary CD. More information is written
in fine print on the back of each CD. Source for everything on the CD is always
available at http://archive.ubuntu.com or can be ordered from Canonical for the
cost of the media plus shipping.

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