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Releasing SW under GPL

Dear Debian legal,

I'm about to release some SW I've been working on for some years under a
GPL licence and have a few questions:

- Which text to include in the files? Is the following OK?
 * Author    : xx yy
 * Copyright : xx yy, 2000-2005
 * License   : GNU GPLv2 or later
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation;
 * Revisions : 2005-11-16, xx yy, initial GPL release

- In the top directory is a copy of the GPL text, like gpl.txt for

- Should the same text be included in all files? *.c, *.h and various
other files like Makefile, README, TODO, Changelog etc.

- Which years should the Copyright cover: All years since the beginning
of development (2000-2005) or the current year when the release is made
(2005 and subsequent years)? For some code many revisions have been
made, not even resembling the original code.

- What is the difference if I write 'GPLv2 or later' or just 'GPLv2'?
Consequences when GPLv3 is released?

- Anything else?

This SW is only some 5000 lines of code, and not fully developed yet.
Therefore my hope is that other people in the same technical area show
interest and help with the development of it. Note also that this SW of
_very_ specific interest, so maybe not even a Debian package has large
enough users. Still I'm asking here at Debian legal, since Debian
GNU/Linux is the distribution I use most at home and at work in the *nix

- How to incorporate other peoples contributions, in the copyright
statement and/or in the revision part?

Since I'm not subscribed, please Cc: me.

Thanks in advance,

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