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Re: Intel modem driver licence

"Marcus Better" <marcus@better.se> wrote in message [🔎] 4379E2A6.3020606@better.se">news:[🔎] 4379E2A6.3020606@better.se...

3. When downloading the driver from
(which by the way is not the only way to do it), one needs to accept a
click-through licence agreement, which is different from the licence in
the tarball, and which seems to prohibit distribution in any form. So
which one applies?
IANAL, but based on the theory that licences are contracts the following logic seems to work.

When you click agree you agree to the terms on the website. However the Licence file indicates that you must agree to it before using the software. Now just conciously agree to the licence in the Licence file. The new contract superceeds the old contract, so you may now use it under the terms of the new contract (the Licence file).

But yuck! Intel should fix their website, or even better, just fully open source the driver. As the consumer buys the modem rather than the software, there is no good reason to keep the software partially closed source. The software is not what makes money for Intel.

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