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Re: legality of distributing logos

Josh asked:
> [...] 15 different gnu/linux and bsd distributions, and it contains 20x20 
> pixel logos of each of them.  By default, the built package includes all 
> the images, and I am wondering about any trademark issues and the legality 
> of distributing them. [...]

If the logos are being used to refer to the distributions, I don't see how
it's a trademark problem. Why do you think it would be?

There's more likely to be copyright problems with them, but that small
size may not be creative enough or may be the minimum to comment on the
distribution in context or quite a few other reasons.

If you want to be 100% sure, ask the originators of any you're unsure about.

> p.s. Please CC me as I am not subscribed to debian-legal.


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