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Re: Ubuntu CDs contain no sources

What do you people in debian-legal think about people who distribute
ISO images on their websites but no ISO with sources nor a written
promise? Should we consider there is an implicit offer and just ask
for the sources?

I am not a lawyer nor a devlepper of Debian, I just give my humble opinion. I don't think this is a violation of the GPL as long as the source is available. The GPL requires that if you distribute binary on a website you should distribute the source on the same place. Howhever, it is not because you distribute binaries in the ISO format that the source must also be ditributed in the ISO format. Many distribution (Mandriva, Suse) distribute .iso binaries along with a ftp repositery with source. If someone distribute a .iso binary without distributing the source at all then this is a violation of the GPL. However if the binaries have not be changed at all and the source is available elsewhere (like someone putting, just the binaries of Debian CD on his website); many people consider that there is no problem. This is not however the opinion of the FSF (see


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