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Scripsit Lewis Jardine <debian@catbox.co.uk>

> If you were to pick either GPL or MPL, and not modify the work, does
> the recipient only have your choice of licence to pick from, or can
> they still choose either?

They can still choose either. In the case of both the GPL and the MPL
alike, the grant of rights comes directly from the copyright holder to
anybody who has the physical means to exercise them (such as having a
copy of the work to copy _from_, however obtained).

In particular, the grant of rights do not necessarily follow a
particular transmission of bits, and somebody who merely passes bits
along is in no position to block the grant of right that flows
directly from the copyright holder to anybody.

> Does this change if you modified the work?

If you modify the work in a non-trivial way, you obtain a copyright to
your modifications, which you can license or not license as you see
fit. For example, you can choose not to license your modifications
under the GPL. This means that you cannot appeal to the GPL grant you
yourself got when you want to argue that you are allowed to distribute
the modified work (for the original copyright holder's permission is
still necessary to do that). However, if you offer your modifications
under the MPL, you get a right to distribute the modified work,
because you can choose to exercise the rights you got from the MPL.

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