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Re: [no subject]

Lewis Jardine wrote:
> what you want to do is distribute it so that whoever received it also 
> has the option of choosing GPL or MPL.
> If you were to pick either GPL or MPL, and not modify the work, does the 
> recipient only have your choice of licence to pick from, or can they 
> still choose either?

I guess it depends on whether your actions complied with both
licenses. If you didn't follow a GPL requirement but did everything
the MPL demanded, then I would say you implicitly chose the MPL
option. The GPL then terminates (because of your noncompliance) and
only the MPL then governs the work you distributed.

> Does this change if the way you distributed the work is not compatible 
> with the other license?
> Does this change if you modified the work?

I think it's more clear in such a situation. For example, I can
integrate the software into something else to create what the MPL 
calls a "Larger Work". Such a work might be a "work based on the
Program" in the GPL's terminology. In such a case, the MPL says
I can license the Larger Work under my own terms (if I follow the
MPL for the originally-MPL parts), but the GPL says I must apply
the GPL's terms to the work as a whole.

If I now do not release source of the work as a whole, I comply
with the MPL but not the GPL. This can only mean one thing: I
elected the option to use the work under the MPL. 


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