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Re: dual licensing (was: Re: [no subject])

On 11/5/05, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:
> Sorry, I don't understand the relevance.  The preamble explains the FSF's
> goals in the GPL; it doesn't make promises on behalf of the licensor.
> If you did manage to convince people that the GPL could be used as a stick
> against the copyright holders themselves, I'd suspect many people--at
> least, those paying attention--would quickly run away from it.  You'd
> have uphill convincing to do, though, since common understanding is the
> opposite of your claim.
> > It'd be interesting to see what Eben Moglen would say on the subject.
> Feel free to ask him.  I'd need to be convinced further before I'd
> consider taking up his time with this, though.
> (By the way, I seem to recall that Eben is no longer general counsel
> for the FSF, and it may be more appropriate to ask the FSF directly.)

Eben is still legal counsel of the FSF. I'm going to contact the FSF
and ask them about this.


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