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Re: License of fonts included in X.org sources

On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 02:50:32PM +0200, Frank Küster wrote:
> it just occurred to me that the X strike force might be a better place
> to ask this:
> Frank Küster <frank@kuesterei.ch> wrote:
> > Dear debian-legal people,
> > Ralf Stubner <ralf.stubner@physik.uni-erlangen.de> wrote:
> >> It is quite odd that on the one hand Adobe says that all the rights are
> >> with the X consortion, while on the other hand there is no license
> >> information what so ever from X.org or Xfree.
> >
> > And some person (Han The Thanh) tried to get information from them,
> > because he wanted to distribute a modified version, and didn't get a
> > response for months.
> >
> > Do you know which person we could contact among the X.org people?  

More context, please.  Which fonts?

Fonts are a particularly hairy area of our licensing.  If the licence
information rests with 'the X consortium', then it may well still be
tied up deep in the corridors of TOG, or within the old X.Org group.
In any case, the current X.Org Foundation doesn't have it in any
official sense, but knowing which font is a good start.

Try xorg@lists.freedesktop.org; some of the people from the old XC
still hang around there.

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