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Re: Licensing pictures within an application

MJ Ray wrote:
> You can package them together, but if the pictures are compiled into
> the application (like xpms perhaps), then the combined work cannot
> be distributed under the GPL alone.

Here they are simple files in separate directories. So it could be OK for that.

> Nevertheless, if you don't want to use the GPL, other free software
> licences such as MIT/X11 can cover art works and I am hopeful that
> CC 3.0 will include some free software licences.

I will have a look into MIT/X11. I heard about CC 3.0 also but didn't find any
information about when it could be available.

> Even MIT/X11 requires that copyright holders are credited. Do you
> want more than that?

Maybe something is not clear for me then.

Let's talk first about software. If someone wants to use part of my
application in another one, does he have to mention me as the copyright holder
for this part in his application?

Maybe I didn't get that.

So for pictures now, if I use GPL, then someone making a derivated work based
on them should said something like: *Based on work copyrighted by XXX*?

If answer is yes, it would be nice if someone could tell me which part exactly
of the GPL states that.

> I hope that explains it. What do you plan to do next?

Thanks a lot. I have new solutions now. If I have confirmation that GPL can be
used to have creators credited for their works, I will contact them again with
this information.


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