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Re: Pre-ITP - LARN and Noah Morgan

>Fred Fish and Daniel Kegel included specific license text in
>their contributions that limit use to Personal, Noncommercial.
Dan Kegel's pretty easy to find in the free software world; if you ask him he 
may be willing to relicense under the same license everyone else on the 
project uses.

>The licensing from Don Kneller has not yet been established.
It's worth noting -- given how old the original releases of this program were 
-- that contributions which were
(1) published 
(2) in the United States
(3) by US authors
(4) prior to the passage of the Berne Convention Implementation Act (which I 
think was 1988 but you'd have to check)
(5) without a copyright notice
are in the public domain.

This doesn't come up too often because most free software was written after 
1988.  But if all of Don Kneller's contributions were in a release released 
prior to the BCIA passage (and he was in the US, etc., and he didn't add a 
copyright notice on his behalf), then his contributions are public domain.  
Probably it will turn out he added something in 1988 or later, of course.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

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