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Tux image copyright license?

Hi everybody!

I found out that there are some packages in main that include a nice SVG
version of the famous Tux image.
At least sodipodi and inkscape do include it (or a slightly modified
They are clearly derivative works of the original raster image created
by Larry Ewing <lewing@isc.tamu.edu> with the GIMP.

Anyway sodipodi and inkscape copyright files tell nothing about those
images, their copyright holder(s), or their license.

The 'home' website for the original image is (AFAIK)
There I can read:

| Feel free to do whatever you see fit with the images, you are
| encouraged to integrate them into other designs that fit your need.
| Permission to use and/or modify this image is granted provided you
| acknowledge me lewing@isc.tamu.edu and The GIMP if someone asks.

My questions are:

* does this suffice as a DFSG-free license? it seems that there's no
explicit permission to distribute (even if I suppose Larry meant to give
such a permission...)

* is this a GPL-compatible license? there's a little restriction
("acknowledge the GIMP, if someone asks") that I'm not sure can be
construed as present in the GPL

Any comments?
Thanks for your time.

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