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Re: To MPL or not.

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George Danchev wrote:
> On Saturday 17 September 2005 13:45, MJ Ray wrote:
>>Damyan Ivanov <divanov@creditreform.bg> wrote:
>>>IDPL 1.0 is MPL-derivate.
> I think MPL is doomed. Nothing to comment about it.
>>>My question is: Will FlameRobin be accepted in main?
>>Only ftpmasters can say for sure. I think this is a practical problem
>>for ftpmasters and mirror operators:
>>3.2. Availability of Source Code. [...]
>>and I think this is a lawyerbomb:
>>3.4. Intellectual Property Matters
>>>Or should I try to convince upstream to change the license?
>>I think so, if you can. Might be a difficult sell, though.
>>>Is IDPL 1.0 more DFSG-friendly than MPL 1.0? (I make this
>>>assumption because noone objected against recently uploaded firebird2)
>>What are the differences?
>>That assumption probably isn't reliable.
> Agreed. This could be classified as legal bug.
> About IDPL:
> #11 - choice-of-venue - bad.
> #13 - multiple-licensed code - look promising. We should try to convince 
> upstream to double licensed the whole thing with GPL.

Thank you both for sharing your opinions.

I'll see what I can do in convincing upstream of FlameRobin/IBPP to at
least dual-license their work. I'll have to achieve the right attitude
and find the right words, though.

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