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Re: CDDL, OpenSolaris, Choice-of-venue...

Alvaro Lopez Ortega <alvaro@alobbs.com> wrote:
>    I have been reading the huge thread about the CDDL and its clause of
>    venue, and I'm wondering.. Lets imagine a CDDL license without this
>    clause, would it be classified as free?

I think there are also:
 * required identification and indemnification by all contributors (a fee)
 * discrimination against offering licensed warranty, support,
     indemnity and liability
 * possible non-modifiable attribution notices which aren't copyright notices

The first two of those apply to all CDDL works, so no CDDL'd works
could be free software at present. I believe the second point is a
result of poor phrasing rather than intentional discrimination.

I notice that FSF disagrees, but based on an early version of CDDL.
I've not checked for differences.

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