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Re: Re: [debian-ntp] Bug#328200: Problems with ntp

bdale@gag.com wrote:
Ok, I've just been through the ntp source tree looking at all the
copyright and license assertions.  Executive summary is that there are
indeed some problems, but it's not bad, and I believe it can be fixed
with an upload that elides certain bits from the upstream sources and
makes one small change in the source code.
Oh good. And your message covers almost all the problems. You haven't dealt in your message with the portions with barecopyright notices and no specified license, however. The general packagelicense statement clearly doesn't cover them (because it *says* it doesn'tcover files with other copyright notices -- it's tied specifically to the copyright statement for the primary author). The authors should be willingto issue license statements, but it actually has to be done.Sorry about sending this from a brain-dead mailer.

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