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Re: Problems with ntp

On Sep 15, Nathanael Nerode <neroden@not.real.address.com> wrote:

> >I see nothing wrong libparse/*, just because the files have an
> >extra warranty disclaimer it does not mean that the package license does
> >not apply.
> Then you don't understand copyright law.
> The package copyright notice and license states that it applies to files 
> except where other copyright notices are present.
> Other copyright notices are present in the libparse/* files.  With no 
> license.

No, maybe it's you who do not understand english, or probably just like
armchair lawyering.
The general copyright notices says that it applies "unless specifically
declared otherwise in an individual file", and the libparse/* files only
contain a warranty disclaimer. There are no different license terms at
all, so the general license applies.


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