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RE: GPL, yet again. (The kernel is a lot like a shared library)

> You stole somebody else's work when you wrote programX. Piracy is
> wrong. You are destroying the hopes and dreams of an entire 
> industry. [0]
> [0] This appears to be the way it is explained to four-year-olds

You apparently do not have kids. Especially four-year-olds. Mine is
already 6 and he would ask me why? why did the library exist? why
can't i write a program that uses some library? besides, your answer
could be considered child abuse in some jurisdictions, and you would
have to pay some pain and suffering when it comes up later in therapy.

Now seriously, can you please explain to me:

1. do you think programX is a derivative work of libopenssl?
2. why?
3. do you think programX is a derivative work of libnovossl?
4. why?

I keep making questions, and you keep giving me non-sequiturs.

You said that this: 
> When you talk about writing programs, 'replacement' means rewriting
> parts of it. I don't think anybody here is going to find it difficult
> to believe that rewriting the program to use M instead of O would
> change the copyright status of the program you are rewriting parts of.

is the answer to why dynlinking is irrelevant. I even agree with you
that dynlinking is irrelevant, altough with another spin, but it does
not matter to the case on discussion.

The case in discussion, AFAIK, is:
5. can Debian distribute programX.deb?
6. why?
7. can Debian distribute openssl.deb?
8. why?
9. can Debian distribute novossl.deb?
10. why?
11. can Debian distribute each and every combination of the three
packages above?
12. why?
13. can openssl install itself as /usr/lib/libssl.so?
14. why?
15. can novossl install itself as /usr/lib/libssl.so?
16. why?
17. can they use alternatives to regulate who is installed as
18. why?

The questions above assume that /usr/bin/programX is dynlinked to whatever
/usr/lib/libssl.so exists, for simplicity of argument.

Throughout this mail, I made you eighteen simple questions. I would
appreciate immensely if you (or anyone else on-list, for that matter)
answered those questions. I think, honestly, that I am trying to do
something worthy here (eliminate a lot of bts entries that I consider
pseudo-bugs, for instance), and that I am trying to help. I have much
respect for your contributions as a DD, and I think you ought to have
the same respect for the contributions I am trying to give to Debian,


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