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"Joe Smith" <unknown_kev_cat@hotmail.com> wrote:
> [MJ Ray wrote:]
> > Restricting support deals for main could have awkward
> > consequences for companies who supply debian-based services.
> > This clause could have been worded differently ("in the absence
> > of other agreements..." perhaps) but it wasn't. Please reconsider
> > whether it discriminates against licensed support agents.
> >
> Debian is not a legal entity. There are no warenty agent contracts. Most
> support services that exist for Debian that offer things like warenties do
> it only as an agent of themselves, so i don't see the problem. [...]

I think you haven't understood the point. Imagine a Sun-initiated
server control tool contains code contributed by ThinClients
Ltd under CDDL, is packaged in debian and you are a ThinClients
Support Agent for debian through some support agreement with
ThinClients. As far as I can see, you could offer ThinClients
Support Agent services for all of debian, apart from the control
tool, more or less.  How would that make sense?

I'm not saying that "Debian service agents" would necessarily be
affected if they ever exist.

Please attribute my words to me in future.

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