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Re: Please check draft font license for StixFonts - is it suitably free?

* Sven Luther:

>> Clearly non-free.
>> I can understand why people think that such a clause is a technical
>> necessity (reproducible layout), but it still violates DFSG clause 3.
> What about a clause mandating that the layout size or whatever it is called,
> remains the same for existing fonts ?

I don't think the font people would accept this.  We shouldn't,

> But i think the easiest way out here is to allow modifications of fonts, but
> forcing name change if there is modification of existing glyphs.

Exactly, this is what Bitstream Vera's license requires.

> BTW, i wonder why the vera bitstream licence could not be used as is by this
> project, in order to avoid yet another licence, and probably cut down lawyer
> fees. (That said, if you are discussing with the lawyer ...)

Probably the same reason why Cisco's competitors don't use their free
networking schematics. 8-)

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