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Re: Please check draft font license for StixFonts - is it suitably free?

* Simos Xenitellis:

> The StixFonts project started 10 years ago by several publishing houses 
> of academic journals,
> with the aim to create fonts for mathmetical publications.
> These fonts, StixFonts, are nearing completion and at this point a draft 
> user license
> has been made available at
> http://www.stixfonts.org/user_license.html

| The Font Software may not be modified or altered in any way, except
| that: (a) the Fonts may be converted from one format to another
| (e.g., from TrueType to Postscript), in which case the normal and
| reasonable distortion that occurs during such conversion shall be
| permitted; and (b) additional glyphs or characters may be added to
| the Fonts, so long as the base set of glyphs is not modified or
| removed.

Clearly non-free.

I can understand why people think that such a clause is a technical
necessity (reproducible layout), but it still violates DFSG clause 3.

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